DG Media: Serious advice and professional sales

At DG Media, we believe that advertising sales should be a combination of serious advice and professional sales, supported by analyzes that document the media’s impact. An ambition level we must always meet our customers – whether they are publishers or advertisers.

We therefore conduct ongoing reading surveys and impact assessments (former Page Traffic Analyzes). In addition, many of our media are also measured in Index Danmark.


Reader research is an effective tool for magazine publishers where relevant knowledge about readers’ behavior and satisfaction is obtained and presented. Thus, DG Media’s reader surveys can be used as the basis for editorial decisions of our partners.

DG Media has prepared reading surveys since 2003 aimed at publishers of trade journals and magazines as well as a wide range of organizations, companies and public institutions that publish print and / or digital media. Since 2003, DG Media has prepared approx. 300 readers and thus offer our partners great experience and competent advice in connection with different types of reader surveys.

The purpose of the reader surveys is to provide publishers with a knowledge of reading behavior, get a general assessment of the magazine, and test attitudes to selected articles, regular items and publishing ads. In addition, we offer additional questions, insights into readers, etc.

A reader survey is typically structured as follows:
• Analysis Design
• Benchmarking
• Respondentsammensætning
• Testing of articles
• Testing fixed items
• Evaluation of the magazine
• Additional questions
• Reading Behavior
• Reader Comments
• Ad Test


Get documented the impact of your advertising with an impact analysis. The impact analysis contributes to your advertising with knowledge about how your ad is received and read in a specific magazine.

The analysis is based on the four phases of the AIDA model:

Attention – To what extent is the ad recognized after readers have seen it?
Interest – How much is the advertisement fully / partially read?
Desire – Does the advertisement motivate readers to seek more knowledge about the product?
Action – Covering readers’ purchase intentions for the product / performance in the advertisement

The analysis also clarifies:

Reminder – To what extent do the readers remember the ad?
Liking – Do readers think it’s a good ad?
Targeting – Percentage of decision-makers / potential customers among readers within the ad’s product category.

With a power analysis, you get documented knowledge that can help develop and customize the ad for optimal performance.

What can DG Media offer?
In cooperation with Peytz and Epinion, we give our advertisers a unique opportunity to measure the impact of their ads.


Index Denmark is the survey that continuously measures the Danish media usage, consumer habits, interests, activities, opinions, etc. The media section measures reading numbers for newspapers, magazines, magazines, journals and district newspapers. The study itself is conducted by TNS Gallup and is prepared on the basis of 24,000 interviews annually among Danes 13 or older.

In order to be measured in Index Denmark, an annual edition of min. 120,000 copies, which means that only a portion of DG Media’s media is large enough to be measured in the survey.

Currently, the following media in DG Media are enrolled in Index Denmark: Danske Kommuner, DI Business, Djøfbladet, Finans, HK Kommunalbladet, Kulør, Lederne, Lime, Magisterbladet, Nature & Miljø, Ugeskrift for Læger.

The last measurement period is the first half of 2017.

DG Media offers the development of specific drives in Index Denmark for just your target audience. Contact your media consultant or contact us for further information.