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Landscape Architect’s favorite magazine
LANDSKAB is a member of the Danish Landscape Architects. Landscape architects have their work in state, regions, and municipalities and thus have a decisive influence on the design of urban spaces, places, parks, etc. All landscape architects receive the magazine at the private address and consider the magazine as the most important magazine within their field of study.

But not only professionals who read LANDSKAB – there are also professionals who make the magazine. Our editorial team attracts the most talented landscape architects, and they help to design each number of LANDSKAB. You can therefore be sure that your company’s ads are viewed in a professional and trustworthy context – every time.

LANDSKAB not only enjoys great credibility among its readers. Landscape architects find that the content of LANDSKAB is of professional relevance, and perhaps, therefore, we are also the source of the landscape architects’ primary source of inspiration. More than 3 out of 4 landscape architects use the magazine to get new ideas, according to a survey by LANDSKAB made by A & B Analysis. And so we actually have the lowest ad price compared to the number of readers. There are not many who know.


1/8 page (wide)DKK 5 900W: 94 x H: 68 mm
1/4 page (tall)DKK 7 900W: 94 x H: 140 mm
1/2 page (tall)DKK 9 900W: 94 x H: 260 mm
1/2 page (wide)DKK 9 900W: 214 x H: 140 mm
1/1 pageDKK 13 100W: 280 x H: 300 mm+ 3 mm
Page 2DKK 13 750W: 280 x H: 300 mm+ 3 mm
Page 3DKK 13 750W: 280 x H: 300 mm+ 3 mm
Double pagesDKK 19 800W: 460 x H: 300 mm+ 3 mm
IBC (inside-back-cover)DKK 16 300W: 280 x H: 300 mm+ 3 mm
Back coverDKK 16 300W: 280 x H: 300 mm+ 3 mm

Color surcharge: All prices are incl. colors.

Special Placement: + 10% (only 1/1 pages)

Til-edge surcharge: + 10%

Indent: Please quote offers

Frequency discount
4 insertions 10% discount
8 insertions 15% discount

Agency commission
For advertising and media agencies 3% material refund is granted for delivery of finished material. In addition, 2% information and collateral is granted to media agencies that are eligible for compensation, cf. Creativity & Communication’s list.

All discounts are subject to total booking and that the ads are submitted within 12 months.

Advertising material for print will be delivered as print PDF (min. 300 dpi, CMYK).

The material can be sent to DG Media at (max. 20 MB) or ftp server.

For subscription to LANDSKAB contact Academic Architectural Association at


Release plan 2024

No. Order deadlineMaterial deadlineRelease date
1 - 202416. January26. January23. February
2 - 202413. February23. February2. April
3 - 20242. April12. April10. May
4 - 202414. May24. May21. June
5 - 20246. August16. August13. September
6 - 20243. September13. September11. October
7 - 20241. October11. October15. November
8 - 20245. November15. November13. December

Circulation: 1.920

Source: Academic Architectural Association in the second half of 2017

Editions: 8 times a year

Distribution: Professionals – Member magazine

Publisher: Danske Landskabsarkitekter

(in collaboration with the Academic Architectural Association)

Address: Peter Bangs Vej 30,
2000 Frederiksberg

Telephone: +45 33 32 23 54