DG Media is a Scandinavian media house with offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm. At DG Media we are approx. 30 employees, representing over 100 magazines, magazines, annual publications and media. Overall, over 1,000 releases a year. We have several advertising options to choose from, where we can arrange advertising from print to online, as well as other ambient options. The total annual turnover is more than 200 million. and we handle more than 16,000 ad orders annually.

DG Media was founded on April 1, 2000 as part of the Datagraf Group and is one of Scandinavia’s largest advertising agencies with offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm. During our time in the Datagraf Group, we have primarily worked with advertising sales, job databases and publishing our own magazines.

Since August 2014, DG Media has been a part of Aller Media A / S since Aller Media A / S purchased all the shares in the Datagraf Group. Aller is part of Aller Holding A / S, which is the parent company of the media group in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


DG Media’s goal is to create profitable communication for our customers. We take care of advertising sales for a wide range of solid and professional journals and specialty magazines. We develop commercial digital solutions that include job databases for specialists and sponsorship for associations and conference organizers.

In addition, we represent 14 different digital job databases. Together with the majority of these customers, we have developed the Profiljob network, which today is one of the largest job databases for managers and specialists in Denmark.


We believe that the good advertising sales combine serious advice and professional sales. Therefore, we often support our work with analyzes that document the effect of media pressure.

Index Denmark measures the majority of our media, and we conduct ongoing impact analyzes (former Page Traffic Analyzes) to understand the impact of the ads and share knowledge with the advertisers to optimize the impact of marketing efforts.